Amir Lev predicts spammers will use handwritten images & audio


Image spam tricks spam filters, clogs networks 

By Sue Hildreth, contributor
15 Mar 2007 |

 “A picture is worth a thousand words,” goes the old saying. What is true in art and journalism is proving equally apt in the more modern field of spam. As the recent surge in image-based spam shows, pictures can be a very effective way to get a message across – or at least through a victim’s anti-spam filter.

“At the perimeter you can tell where the message is coming form and look up its reputation,” Jennings said. “You can see the behavior of the sender. But once you’ve accepted the message and sent it on to the Exchange server or client, all of that information is gone.”

What should enterprises expect next from spammers? Lev predicts image spam with handwriting instead of printed text, as well as audio messages.

“They will keep on adding tricks,” he says. “If the trick is successful, then they’ll use it in a full blown attack.”


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