750 New PayPal Phishing Sites Each Day

PhishingSecurity Research & Analysis

The online payment service PayPal is not only one of the most popular online payment methods, but also a preferred target for phishers: PayPal regularly tops the lists of phishing topics worldwide. Every day, an average of 750 newly compromised websites are targeted primarily at PayPal users, according to numbers from Commtouch’s GlobalView™ URL filtering database – resulting in more than 22,000 new sites per month and 270,000 sites per year.





The sites are usually legitimate websites that are compromised through security flaws. The findings highlight the need for hosters and website owners to protect their sites and for organizations and consumers to deploy an effective Web security solution. Users should verify that actual pages asking for financial information are using https and use the safe browsing options provided by all of the most popular browsers.


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