CYREN's 2016 Cyberthreat Report: Malware Increases - But Phishing Explodes

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2015 Statistics: Android, Phishing, Malware, Spam

CYREN cyber intelligence powers the security solutions of over 200 of the largest IT
and security technology providers in the world. As the security provider to the security
industry, CYREN maintains the broadest and deepest real-time Internet threat database
in the world and applies this cyber intelligence directly to its automated intelligence
network and cybersecurity solutions.

The following data is drawn from the CYREN GlobalViewTM threat intelligence network covering traffic in over 200 countries and from over 600 million web and email users.


CYREN 2016 Annual Cyberthreat Report - Statistics

Increase in Android Malware and Phishing


CYREN 2016 Annual Cyberthreat Report - Statistics

Details about Malware and Spam in 2015


Further information about the statistics for 2015, and predictions for this year, can be found in CYREN's 2016 Cyberthreat Report: Free Download 

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