Does Phishing Prevention Require Better Technology, Detection, or Strategy?

On-Demand Webinar

Speaker: Lior Kohavi, CSO & EVP, Advanced Solutions, Cyren, Tinna Sigurdardottir, Threat Researcher, Cyren

Phishing has proved to be a consistent problem in 2020 as the traditional form of fraud and financial extortion has evolved to include Business Email Compromise and spear-phishing attacks. Combined, these threats prove successful for attackers, and a problem for the SOC as they struggle to stop them efficiently. Therefore, is a better or extra solution needed for phishing prevention? In this webinar, we will look at whether there is a need for better inbox protection, for better security for Office 365 or if the issue can be resolved with what we have already.

By attending this session, you will takeaway:

  • New tools to better fight against phishing threats
  • If Office 365 can keep up with inbound threats
  • How to arm your SOC with the ability to spot and detect phishing emails

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