Why automation is key to combating enterprise phishing

The Power of Automated Phishing Attack Incident Response

According to an August 2020 report by the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the cost of a successful business email compromise attack is increasing. This report indicates that the average wire transfer attempt between April and June 2020 was $80,183. And these attacks can cost companies far more. A Russian BEC operation has been targeting companies for an average of $1.27 million. While these phishing attacks have become increasingly successful, the key to avoiding them is automated incident response.

Automated phishing attack incident response is a set of phish reporting buttons that filter out malicious emails. These buttons empower employees to seamlessly report suspicious emails in real time. They can be used for reporting spam, real phishing attacks, and other emails. In this whitepaper, learn:

  • What automated phishing attack incident response is
  • The pitfalls of non-automated phishing solutions
  • What you need to avoid phishing attacks

In order to adequately defend enterprises from phishing attacks, security teams need better tools. Download this report today to learn about Cyren Inbox Security, and Cyren Incident Response Service - our automated phishing attack incident response solutions.

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