Corporate Email Security: Blocking Phishing Attacks from Microsoft 365 Accounts

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Microsoft 365 email is especially vulnerable to cyber threats

The secure email gateways have one purpose - improving corporate email security. But as threats increase in sophistication and number, the SEG frequently fails.  Despite vendor improvements in SEG filtering and performance, too many phishing, BEC1 and fraud attacks get past the SEG and land in corporate mailboxes, greatly increasing business risk.

Email-borne phishing is a major problem facing organizations of all sizes, with 78% of Microsoft 365 administrators reporting security breaches with phishing as the leading cause. This makes corporate email security a massive priority for businesses. Experts predict that phishing attacks will increase because phishers never rest. The investment is minor; the payoff is lucrative; and it takes only one victim to breach an organization.

The rise in successful email-borne cyberattacks is driven by three main factors:

  • Microsoft 365 created a new and attractive attack opportunity of hosted email platforms in the cloud. Adoption of Microsoft 365 is becoming ubiquitous making it a popular target for cybercriminals.
  • Phishing, BEC, and fraud attacks are more sophisticated and constantly evolving. They use evasion techniques to avoid detection by cybersecurity systems, and social engineering to create a sense of urgency that induces people to click or follow instructions.
  • IT admins and security teams are stretched to the limit. Cybersecurity skills are in short supply. Depleted staff is bombarded on a daily basis with alerts and they struggle to get ahead of the curve.

With all three of these factors in mind, corporate email security teams need to be vigilant. This guide takes a deep dive into corporate email security to explain:

  • Why Microsoft 365 email in the cloud remains highly vulnerable to cyber threats
  • How Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) addresses these vulnerabilities
  • Best practices in IDR Implementation

Read the whitepaper today to find out how to block these phishing attacks.

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