A New Vision for Phishing Defense: Inbox Detection & Response

White Paper

The Office 365 email inbox is a target, and today’s SEGs are struggling to protect against threats that are more advanced and evasive than ever before.

This paper discusses the need for a new defensive architecture as a response to new phishing and malware threats, whereby organizations need to move from a gateway-based single-pass inspection model to a new layered security model that includes continuous email monitoring and detection at the inbox.

Such Inbox Detection & Response solutions leverage the industry shift to SaaS email platforms like Office 365 and Google Gmail, using their APIs to scan every message for threats and anomalous behaviors post-delivery and, when a threat is identified, automatically performing “claw back” of suspicious messages from all impacted inboxes. This new approach also addresses a second shortcoming in the current email security model—the labor-intensive process of investigating, containing, responding to and remediating malicious emails across the organization. Adding defensive capabilities at the inbox further presents a new opportunity to better leverage user input on suspicious emails in an automated, structured way.

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