How Evasive Phishing Is Fooling Your Security

On-Demand Webinar

Tinna Sigurdardottir, Threat Analyst, Cyren
Duncan Mills, Director of Product Marketing, Cyren

Cyren threat researcher Tinna Sigurdardottir and industry security product veteran Duncan Mills discuss the evasive phishing techniques used by phishing campaign developers today, and why the use of such techniques is on the upswing.

This webinar walks participants step-by-step through examples of email phishing attacks that leverage evasive techniques, and review how these techniques are being incorporated into phishing kits and phishing-as-a-service offerings being sold on both the dark net and the open web. Participants will come away with a perspective on how evasive phishing is evolving in a manner similar to the historic evolution of evasive malware.

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