Why Your Company May Need Additional Security Solutions for Office 365

White Paper

37 percent of the typical Office 365 budget in 2019 will be spent on third-party security, archiving and other solutions.
- Michael Osterman, Principal, Osterman Research

Office 365's Email Security May Not Be Enough

Office 365 is one of the world's most targeted brands for phishing, malware, and ransomware. Yet, Office 365 does not provide the required levels of email security, archiving, and content management needed by most organizations and industries, according to a independent analysis by Osterman Research.

Read more in this report on the security functionality of O365, including the gaps and capabilities that IT professionals should reinforce, how O365 spam, quarantine, and notifications really work, the limitations of O365 email encryption and archiving, and what to look for in a third-party email security solution to enhance Office 365 features.

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