Phishing: How to Protect from Today's #1 Threat with Email Security

On-Demand Webinar

Pete Starr, Global Director of Systems Engineering, Cyren
Duncan Mills, Product Marketing Director, Cyren

Understand the dangers of phishing and how to protect against it.

Phishing is undisputedly today's #1 threat to businesses. From mass attacks to highly targeted spearphishing and whaling, no organization is immune from threats. Phishing is more than just an email problem and adopting a defence-in-depth strategy can prevent attacks succeeding.

In this webinar, participants will come away with insight into the following:

  • how other businesses are coping with the phishing threat,
  • why phishing attacks are penetrating defenses,
  • phishing attack techniques and analysis,
  • the top ten controls to prevent a phishing attack
  • and much more...

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