Email and Web Security: 2018 Survey of IT and Security Professionals

On-Demand Webinar

Speaker: Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research

Learn what IT and security professionals think about the latest threats and cybersecurity solutions

In this webinar, Osterman Research presents insights into the results of in-depth interviews with IT and security professionals. Learn about how many and what types of security breaches companies experience, the types of cyber threats that have security professionals most concerned, and the scope and scale of phishing attacks.

The webinar will also discuss what small- to mid-sized businesses are spending on email and web security solutions, the types of security solutions and features that IT departments most value, and whether preferences are changing over time on the question of cloud-based security services versus on-premises appliances.

Yes! I'm curious to learn more about how other IT and security professionals view cyber threats and security solutions.