The Super Stealthy Threat: Fileless Ransomware

On-Demand Webinar

Speaker: Arna Magnusardottir, Senior Malware Researcher, Cyren

The newest danger: A ransomware attack with no obvious file attachments.

Malware attacks are at an all time high and criminals are now resorting to sophisticated 'fileless' threats to ensure attack success. In this webinar, you'll take an in-depth look at fileless malware attacks and how they fit into the current malware and ransomware landscape.

Using real-world examples, Arna Magnusardottir, Senior Malware Researcher at Cyren will cover how the 'fileless' ransomware technique developed and where they have been seen to date; what makes this attack method popular; what the attack chain looks like; the challenges of combatting fileless malware; and what detection methods are the most effective.

Yes! I'd like to understand more about this super stealthy attack type.