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All of us rely on more and more devices and on-demand applications to keep us productive. The ease of use and convenience of these products belies the complex systems that power them. Our CYREN GlobalView™ Security Lab is dedicated to engineering the security needed to protect your online activity from advancing web threats, such as phishing.


CYREN WebSecurity 

Designed for rapid deployment by businesses of all sizes and powered by the GlobalView™ Cloud, CYREN WebSecurity gives you the flexibility to secure any device, anywhere, however you want. 

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Embedded URL filtering

Add the ability to combat emerging web threats with a URL categorization service designed for maximum security. Only CYREN gives you a global platform, a great end-user experience based on low-latency, plus support for local browsing behaviors.

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Add the ability to protect the most popular mobile platform from Web threats and phishing. Our URL filtering service delivers maximum security without impacting device performance.

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