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The Cyren Partner Program enables our partners to grow by selling our industry leading Internet security solutions and gain the benefits of our high performance technology and extensive service offerings. We develop and evolve our security solutions to fit the needs of our partners—a point of pride for our company.

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As a Cyren Partner, you will benefit from working with the most powerful security networks of its kind in the world. Cyren technology is simple to integrate and deploy, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your customers.

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1&1 Internet AG  Service Provider

1&1 Internet AG‎ (including WEB.DE and GMX) is Germany’s second largest online service provider, catering to more than 30% of German Internet users.

“For WEB.DE AG security is in focus. We require a robust, scalable solution providing real-time protection against unsolicited email. As a result of the cooperation with Cyren, close to 100 percent of unwanted email, no matter its global origin, is being detected and blocked for WEB.DE customers.” Leslie Romeo , Head of Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Team , 1&1

AhnLab Vendor

AhnLab represents Asia’s dominant force in anti-virus solutions, holding 65 percent of the anti-virus software market share in Korea, and the ninth-largest anti-virus software company in the world. AhnLab selected Cyren AntiSpam and Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection to enhance its core offerings.

“We chose Cyren as our technology partner for email security in all our markets after ascertaining that the company offers world-leading technologies for both anti-spam and the Zero-Hour virus protection. Our rigorous testing confirmed that Cyren Zero-Hour virus protection is superior to any other proactive approach. The company’s anti-spam technology, which relies on outbreak detection rather than on content analysis, blocks Asian spam better than any other method.” Ike Kim , VP & CTO , AhnLab

Alt-N Vendor

Alt-N Technologies provides affordable Windows-based software, including an email server, email antivirus and antispam protection, Outlook integration, and network fax management software to over 90 countries around the world. Cyren email security solutions are integrated into its MDaemon® Email Server

Anchiva Vendor

Anchiva Systems is a leading provider of Web security gateways that offer content inspection, online behavior management, application control and bandwidth management. The Beijing-based Anchiva has integrated Cyren Embedded URL Filtering into its Secure Web Gateway solutions.

“While examining multiple competing URL filtering solutions, including other market leaders, we were immediately impressed with the flexibility and coverage offered by the Cyren GlobalView™ Cloud. In the competitive market of online security, Cyren's unique data cloud architecture boasts unmatched accuracy and zero hour security coverage, and is what most attracted us to this technology partnership.” Li Song , Chief Executive Officer , Anchiva

Arkoon Vendor

Arkoon Network Security is one of Europe’s leading innovators in enterprise Information, communications, and infrastructure security solutions. Arkoon has integrated Cyren AntiSpam into its FAST360® Unified Threat Management solution, installed in France and throughout Europe.

“As global spam levels reach over 85%, spam has become a serious problem for medium to large corporations. Our R&D department was given a clear directive to find the very best anti-spam solution. The result was a resounding vote for Cyren.” David Dupre , Marketing Manager , Arkoon

Availasoft   Partner

Founded in 1996, AvailaSoft today is recognized as a leading provider of application solutions in the areas of network security, system enhancement, digital imaging, mobile applications and education platforms. Quality products of innovative technologies and high reliability are the foundation of our success.


AXIGEN is a messaging solution that ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. AXIGEN is distributed internationally by over 160 partners from 80 countries and manages email traffic for more than 10,000 companies with 6 million end-users. AXIGEN Mail Server integrates Cyren advanced email defense.

“Given our strong IT security background, we recognize Cyren as a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and powerful email and security solutions. We are confident that the new AXIGEN-Cyren solution will bring a significantly increased level of protection to our customers’ email communication.” Oana Bornaz , CEO , AXIGEN

Axway Vendor

Established in 2001, Axway is a software and services company with more than 11,000 customers in 100 countries, with offices around the globe. Our award-winning products, solutions and services enable the business-critical transactions required to accelerate performance within and among enterprises – while providing management, security and governance on interactions throughout business networks.

“Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ adds outbreak detection as an additional layer of defense against spam, phishing, spyware, virus and worm attacks sent out in email blasts. It is a strong complement to our comprehensive email security offering. Outbreak Detection, combined with Tumbleweed’s other threat protection technology, ensures complete protection from increasingly nefarious email attacks.” John Thielens , Chief Architect , Axway

Blue Reef Vendor

Blue Reef is an Internet management solutions vendor providing Internet Security, Internet Filtering, and Internet Mobility solutions to leading educational institutions and medium sized businesses in Australia and the Asia/Pacific region.

“Traditional email defense technologies are dependent on analyzing the content of email messages, or forcing senders or recipients to interact with the system. Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology has a completely different approach…so we felt it was an important tool for us to complement the other security technologies that we offer.” Andrew Hall , CTO and Director , Blue Reef

BullGuard Vendor

Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing security brands. Its philosophy has always remained the same – to combine technical excellence with a genuine understanding of consumer needs, creating simple, easy to use products that deliver universal, complete protection as well as enabling customers to control and manage their digital footprint. BullGuard has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Romania and the US.

“After testing multiple solutions, we selected Cyren Embedded AntiSpam and URL Filtering to replace commercial technologies we had been using because Cyren’s cloud approach aligns with our rapidly growing user base.” Søren Ravn , CEO , BullGuard

CenterTools Vendor

CenterTools Software GmbH specializes in sophisticated software solutions that can be easily tailored to specific customer needs, with a focus on IT security. DriveLock, a leading Data Loss Prevention solution, is the company‘s flagship product. DriveLock offers comprehensive endpoint security by giving companies advanced network-wide control of the use of removable devices, encrypting removable media and protecting data on hard drives with Full Disk Encryption. DriveLock also includes an antivirus module and easy-to-implement application control functionality.

“We made a strategic decision to integrate advanced security protection into DriveLock and Cyren’s security services are just what we needed. It was amazing to see how easy it was to integrate Cyren Embedded AntiVirus into our software. Our customers will benefit from its speed and reliable malware detection.” Udo Riedel , CEO and founder , CenterTools

Cloud Distribution   Partner

Cloud Distribution is a next generation value-added distributor that specialises in bringing new, innovative and disruptive security, networking and storage solutions to market. We are passionate about maintaining the value in distribution and believe that partners will be more successful if they are supported and rewarded throughout the sales process and enabled with tools to successfully take products and solutions to market.

Check Point Vendor

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Customers include tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes, including all Fortune and Global 100 companies.

Critical Path Vendor

Critical Path’s Memova® suite of applications and services are chosen by leading service providers and enterprises around the world to enable millions of people to communicate, connect, share and organize while providing industry-leading safety and assurance.

Dell  Service Provider

Dell SonicWALL offers a variety of flexible email security solutions to match the unique email security needs of your organization—whether you have one user or 100,000 users. From appliances and software to virtual appliances and services, our solutions offer powerful protection from spam, phishing, viruses and compliance violations at a low total cost of ownership.

Deutsche Telekom  Service Provider

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with over 142 million mobile customers, 31 million fixed-network lines and over 17 million broadband lines (as of December 31, 2013).

DrayTek Corp. Vendor

DrayTek provides comprehensive remote access solutions for small office and home users. Draytek has selected Cyren Embedded AntiSpam and URL Filtering for the Vigor UTM product line.

“For our customers, solid spam and malware defense is imperative. Therefore Draytek chose the world’s leading OEM provider of outbreak detection solutions. Adding the Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology makes VigorPro5500 the complete security appliance for small to medium-sized enterprises.” Donald Lin , Vice President , DrayTek Corp.

Esafe   Partner

Esafe Solutions's expertise and experience working with leading network and security technologies enables us to develop customized solutions that address the current and future needs of our clients. We conduct intense vendor reviews on a regular basis, ensuring we honor our commitment to delivering only best-in-class network and security solutions. The Esafe Solutions team is comprised of senior engineers with in-depth technical expertise, each of who receives rigorous and ongoing training to maintain their leading-edge technology skills.

Exclaimer Service Provider

Exclaimer provides Microsoft Certified, multi-award-winning email signature, archiving and utility software for Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Office 365 to over 47 million users worldwide. Its Signature Manager range transforms everyday business emails into consistent, properly-branded and legally compliant correspondence, as well as turning it into a low-cost, high-volume marketing communications opportunity. Exclaimer selected Cyren Embedded AntiSpam, with its Recurrent Pattern Detection technology, to protect its users’ inboxes.

“Cyren technology is amongst the most powerful and responsive we’ve seen. The ability to automatically analyze billions of Internet transactions in real-time and identify new threats as they emerge, means we can reassure our customers that their email infrastructures are as safe as they could possibly be, and that our software is always one step ahead of new threats.”

Andrew Millington, CEO , Exclaimer 

Funkwerk Vendor

Funkwerk develops and produces professional communication systems, which are used in vehicles, transportation enterprises and enterprises. Funkwerk has integrated Cyren Embedded AntiSpam and Zero-hour Virus Outbreak Protection into its line of Unified Threat Management devices.

G-Data Software Vendor

G-Data Software is Germany’s front-running anti-virus software company and also has a strong presence throughout Western Europe and Japan. Cyren's patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) boosts performance of G-DATA’s offerings by providing immediate real-time virus protection and a top quality anti-spam service.

“Partnering with Cyren is significant because it enables us to take our anti-virus capabilities even further. In addition to providing the most sterile signature-based protection available, G-DATA AntiVirusKit now protects users, right from the first moment when threats appear. Implementing RPD reflects our commitment to providing 100% threat protection. Our client base will now enjoy unprecedented protection levels, in a way that no classic anti-virus approach can provide.” Dr. Dirk Hochstrate , Publishing Director , G-Data Software

Gajshield Vendor

GajShield is headquartered in Mumbai, India and its network security and email security products are used by large and medium organizations worldwide. Cyren Embedded AntiSpam, Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection and  URL Filtering solutions in integrated into GajShield’s software gateway, hardware appliance and a managed service offerings.

“The Cyren engine was easy to integrate, giving us a competitive advantage of bringing new products to market quickly. This OEM agreement shows our commitment to creating innovative solutions which stop Spam, virus, phishing and malware before it reaches the customers’ email box.” Anand Iyer , President of Marketing , Gajshield

GoogleService Provider

Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Google uses Cyren Embedded AntiVirus solution to protect its customers from malware.

Gordano Vendor

GMS has been developing world class email messaging solutions for over twenty years, and has been a trusted provider for SMB's and enterprises the world over. GMS uses integrated Cyren AntiSpam, Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection and AntiVirus to protect users from spam, phishing and malware - a fruitful partnership that has provided enterprise-grade protection to GMS customers since 2000.

"We believe that Cyren provide not only the best value, but the best protection, available in the market, hands down. The quality of protection offered by Cyren ensures our ability to offer piece of mind to each and every one of our customers" Mohammed Rafi, Managing Director, GMS


GWAVA is a worldwide leader in messaging security and archiving. GWAVA utilizes Cyren Email Security Suite within its solutions.

“GWAVA chose Cyren because our reputation depends on the partners we use to protect our clients. Cyren values our customers and our reputation as much as we do.” Richard Bliss , VP of Marketing , GWAVA

Halon Vendor

Sweden-based Halon Security is a leading developer of secure solutions for networks and email servers. Halon selected Cyren Email Security Suite to defend its UTM users against email threats.

“Our customers range from the SMB part of the market to many the leadings ISPs in Europe, Asia and the United States. Partnering with Cyren enables us to offer our customers the best real-time defense against spam and email-borne virus outbreaks” Peter Falck , CEO , Halon Security

Hermitage Solutions   Partner

Hermitage Solutions is a French company headquartered in Lyon. In the French-speaking markets of EMEA, Hermitage Solutions is an importer and distributor of innovative network, infrastructure and security solutions. Hermitage Solutions offers a wide range of innovative and high quality products, supported with reactive and competent before & after-sales services. Hermitage Solutions was founded in 1997, and has companies in France, Belgium and Latvia, Lithuania.

HiChina Service Provider

HiChina is the flagship in the Chinese Internet service industry, funded by the American IDG Venture Capital and Newbridge Capital. One of the leading hosting and managed service providers in China, HiChina protects hundreds of thousands of enterprise and SMB mailboxes with Cyren Email Security Suite.

“As founding members of the Anti-Spam and Internet Associations in China, it was of paramount importance to find the best technology to block unwanted messages from our customers’ inboxes. Over the course of several months, we tested various competing solutions and determined that Cyren provided the best spam and malware detection by a significant margin above the rest.” Zhanyong Zhang , Product Director , HiChina

Hillstone Networks Vendor

Hillstone Networks is a pioneer in Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall solutions for the enterprise and data center. Built for cloud-based and virtual environments, our innovative solutions enable organizations to proactively improve network security without sacrificing network performance.

Legacy firewalls that rely on signature recognition and static threshold techniques are simply no match for the next-generation threats hidden in normal network traffic now. To equip enterprises for today’s security challenges, Hillstone’s advanced technology includes sophisticated behavioral intelligence, data analysis, and deep application awareness to detect abnormal attack-related behavior before it becomes a problem.

Hostway Service Provider

Hostway Corporation provides dedicated hosting, shared hosting, colocation, domain name registration, ecommerce solutions and other Web-based services to over 1.4 million Web sites and 600,000 customers worldwide. Hostway leverages Cyren Outbound AntiSpam to prevent blacklisting and recover compromised accounts.

“Spammers were using phished accounts to send spam out from our network, so we were looking for a solution to recover compromised accounts, block spammers and prevent our IP addresses from being blacklisted. Our Cyren AntiSpam solution was working so successfully for us, we naturally turned to Cyren for Outbound AntiSpam protection.” Todd Benjamin , Executive vice president , Hostway

HP Vendor

HP is the world’s largest technology company, bringing together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. Cyren has provided messaging security solutions to 3Com and H3C for several years prior to their acquisition and integration into HP, and the solutions remain integrated in HPs line of Unified Threat Management products.

i7 Networks Vendor

i7 Networks, a product based company located in Bangalore, India, offers a suite of products that helps Indian companies manage their web content classification and provide powerful insight into application traffic, bandwidth utilization and security threats while providing powerful troubleshooting and forensics capabilities, while sitting passively on the network.

“i7 is very happy to announce that we are licensing the URL classification engine from Cyren, the leading web security technology provider. Web Categorization provided by i7 EagleEye implements Cyren Embedded URL Filtering, which categorizes websites into 60+ categories namely Anti-Social and Illegal, Pornographic and Abusive, Gaming and Gambling, Communication and Technology, Leisure, Information and Education and many more. URL classification comes as a plugin on the i7 EagleEye platform.” Geeta Gouri , Marketing & Business Development Manager , i7 Networks

IMPROVES B.V.   Partner

For over 15 years, IMPROVES has been a successful value added specialist in the field of ICT security. They offer a total security platform for endpoint, mobile, email, web security, firewall and encryption from an array of suppliers and offer the highest certification in the area of technical support. IMPROVES supplies its security solutions to organizations with between five and 25,000 workstations in the health, government, education and commercial markets.

Interoute  Partner

Interoute is an international telecommunications service provider and the owner operator of Europe's largest cloud services platform. We provide Connectivity, Communications and Computing services to international enterprises, service providers, mobile operators, governments and channel partners. Our advanced fibre optic network connects the business hubs of Europe, nearly 200 datacenters and colocation facilities to America, Africa, Asia and network partners across the globe.

Intel Security Vendor

Intel Security (formerly known as McAfee) is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. Intel Security delivers proactive and proven solutions and services that help secure systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world, allowing users to safely connect to the Internet, browse and shop the Web more securely. Intel Security uses Cyren Embedded AntiVirus solution in its Email Gateway.

Ipswitch Vendor

Ipswitch develops and markets innovative IT software that is easy to learn and use, with more than 100 million people worldwide using it. Ipswitch selected Cyren Embedded AntiSpam, IP Reputation, and AntiVirus for its SMB Mail Server

“Spam volumes increased dramatically, so we searched for an edge blocking solution for our customers to help reduce their bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Cyren IP Reputation prevents over 85% of spam email from ever entering our customers’ networks. In addition, by selecting Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology we can provide them with significantly better spam detection. So overall, our customers will get better spam detection and reduced infrastructure costs, at the same price as our previous email filtering solution.” Tripp Allen , President , Ipswitch Messaging Division

Jiransoft Co. Ltd. Vendor

Jiransoft Co. Ltd, focuses on software development that can provide companies with enhanced efficiency and absolute security. The company’s main products are SpamSniper, an anti-spam solution, CoolMessenger, a business communication solution and OfficeHard for business web storage. Currently, SpamSniper and CoolMessenger have the No. 1 market share in Korea according to the Korean Information Security Agency (KISA).

“We decided to try Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology because of Cyren’s strong reputation in Asia, and we were very happy with the results of our tests. The spam detection level for Asian languages and attachment spam is far higher than other solutions we considered.” Chi-Young Oh , CEO , Jiransoft

M2net Vendor

M2 NET S.A. provides a range of software and managed services to protect, control, encrypt and archive e-mail communication. The software and services created by M2 NET have more than 500, 000 users, ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies located in more than 25 countries. M2 NET selected Cyren Email Security Suite to enhance its Secure Mail Intelligence!® series. Note: operating as ENIGMA Systemy Ochrony Informacji Sp. Z o. o.

MailCleaner Service Provider

MailCleaner is a business anti spam gateway installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet. It offers professional protection against viruses and eliminates up to 99% of spam. MailCleaner is the ideal solution for enterprises. The product exists in hosted version on the cloud or software solution for local installation in the company, it adapts to every need and installs in minutes. MailCleaner is the best choice for ISPs and ASPs who aim to offer their clients a quality antispam/antivirus filter. MailCleaner offers the Cyren module as an option to the MailCleaner virtual appliance.

“This additional function increases the performance of our product to more than 99% accuracy and four times greater processing capacity per server.” Olivier Bourgeois, CEO, MailCleaner

Message Systems Service Provider

Message Systems is a worldwide provider of email software solutions and services for email service providers (ESPs), Internet service providers (ISPs) and large enterprises that need to manage the delivery of large amounts of email. Message Systems selected Cyren Email Security Suite to protect customers of its high-volume email delivery platform.

“By running Cyren anti-threat solutions natively on the Message Systems email solution, we are presenting ISPs with a comprehensive turnkey carrier solution capable of handling massive amounts of email per second. Together, we stop all types of spam and viruses at the perimeter in real-time in a completely automated manner before the malware can penetrate the network.” Barry Abel , VP of Field Operations , Message Systems

METANETService Provider

METANET AG is an independent Internet Hosting Provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. METANET serves more than 10,000 small to medium businesses and 50,000 domains across the German-speaking countries of Central Europe, and enhanced its hosting services by the inclusion of Cyren Embedded AntiSpam.

“With a highly skilled team and its rock-solid performance, Cyren delivered superior detection and service from the implementation phase through production. After evaluating other commercial anti-spam technologies, we found that Cyren’s cloud-based architecture has unmatched spam filtering accuracy. It perfectly complements our long-established anti-spam strategy.” Mirco Schnarwiler , AG co-founder and technical director , METANET

Microsoft Vendor

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft uses Cyren Embedded AntiVirus solution to protect customers from malware.

Mirapoint Vendor

Mirapoint is a leader in solutions for message networks used by service provider, enterprise, education and government institutions. The company has more than 600 customers worldwide, such as Volkswagen, GMAC Mortgage, BT Group, and Cable & Wireless.

MXSweep Service Provider

MXSweep is a global provider of SaaS security services including email security, email archiving, content control, email compliance and disaster recovery services for the SME, corporate and public sector markets. The Dublin, Ireland-based company selected Cyren Embedded AntiSpam and Outbound AntiSpam security solutions to enhance their email Security as a Service offering.

“MXSweep has a long-standing partnership with Cyren, not only based on the high quality of the Cyren security solutions but also on our excellent business relationship. MXSweep’s international growth plans are intertwined with many of the new technologies that Cyren has introduced and they are a superb partner.” Ed Grant , CEO , MXSweep

Net At Work Vendor

Net At Work is an independent software vendor and systems house, providing SME companies from all sectors with IT infrastructure solutions and business solutions for the optimization of business processes. The company selected Cyren to improve the spam and malware detection in its NoSpamProxy Gateway software.

“As spam and malware technology is constantly evolving, we chose the patented Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology, since it provides the fastest possible defense for new spam and malware outbreaks. Our customers are benefiting twice over, both from the new virus protection that protects at the zero-hour, and the improved anti-spam. NoSpamProxy is now a tightly integrated solution for filtering mail at the gateway.” Uwe Ulbrich , CEO , Net at Work


NETGEAR (NASDAQGM: NTGR) designs innovative, branded technology solutions that address the specific networking, storage, and security needs of small- to medium-sized businesses and home users. NETGEAR incorporated patented Cyren RPD and Embedded URL Filtering technologies into its new ProSecure STM family of appliances for SMB security.

“In order to truly protect SMB networks, security solutions need to be able to fully secure email and web communication. Email SPAM, malware embedded in email SPAM, and risky web surfing to unauthorized sites all contribute to raising a business’s exposure to Internet-borne threats. Cyren’s patented RPD and Email and Web filtering technologies give our ProSecure STM Series the power to protect our SMB customers without adding undue management complexity.” Jason Leung , Senior Product Line Manager for SMB Security , NETGEAR

Neusoft Vendor

Neusoft is a leading IT solution and services provider in China, as well as a leading product engineering services provider, with worldwide operations serving a diverse crowd of large corporate customers from all over the world


Founded in April 2000, NSFOCUS Information Technology Co., Ltd (NSFOCUS for short) headquartered in Beijing China, with over 30 branch offices all over the world. NSFOCUS provides industry-leading security products and solutions for customers in various kinds of fields including governments, operation carriers, energy, Internet enterprises, education, and healthcare and help them to keep their business streaming smoothly.  

Backed by years of research on attack offense and defense, NSFOCUS provides excellent products and services on Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Anti-DDoS, Remote Security Assessment and Web Security for customers to meet their demands on network/terminal security, Internet infrastructure security, compliance, security management, and other security-related fields.  

On 29 January 2014, NSFOCUS Information Technology Co., Ltd began trading on the stock market, the Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) of the Shenzhen Securities Exchange, with the name “NSFOCUS” for short and the stock code 300369. 

Nextek   Partner

Nextek is an IT infrastructure and Enterprise services provider. Nextek helps enterprises develop secure, well-managed and dynamic IT infrastructure. It enables clients to reduce their overall IT Infrastructure costs, make better use of IT resources and make IT a strategic asset of the business.

Openwave Service Provider

Openwave Messaging is a leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions. Openwave Messaging’s Universal Messaging Suite ™ provides a powerful, open and flexible, complete messaging environment optimized for today’s most complex messaging requirements including millions of mailboxes, security controls, identity management, and ease of integration with internal systems and external partners. Leveraging its strong history of messaging “firsts”, Openwave Messaging is dedicated to helping its customers maintain business continuity and lower their business risk. Customers include industry leading communications service providers, including several of the largest global broadband providers.

“As malicious spam attacks continue to evolve and take new form…, service providers need a reliable, innovative anti-abuse solution that offers rapid response and protection against spam attacks on a global level. With Cyren, we are strengthening our leadership position in the broadband and mobile markets and now have a trusted collaborator to deliver an integrated, end-to-end anti-abuse solution for service providers worldwide.” David Ratner , VP Messaging , Openwave

Pallas   Service Provider

Pallas provides managed security services and advises its customers with regard to IT security. Pallas integrates and operates market-leading products from security suppliers. Our bandwidth of performance ranges from basic email protection up to managed operation of complete IT infrastructures. The Pallas managed security services are certified from German TUEV and approved in respect of German privacy protection. Pallas was founded in 1991, and is headquartered in Bruehl near Cologne, Germany.

Panda Security Vendor

Panda Security is a world leading provider of cloud-based security solutions, and has integrated Cyren Email Security Suite and URL Filtering into its solutions.

“We chose Cyren Embedded AntiSpam because our TrustLayer Mail service guarantees spam detection ratios of more than 98%, and Cyren can help us achieve this.” Jose Antonio Lopez , Corporate Solutions Director , Panda Security

PineAppService Provider

PineApp™ is a leader in securing networks and email systems, offering comprehensive appliance solutions for small, medium and large organizations. PineApp has integrated Cyren Email Security Suite and URL Filtering solutions into its offerings.

“Cyren is one of our most valued partners. We’ve been working together since 2005, much to our satisfaction. By combining PineApp Mail-SeCure’s unique & innovative technologies with Cyren’s proven capabilities, we have been able to supply our customers with spam and other malicious content detection rate that is second to none. PineApp Mail-SeCure, our flag product, has introduced a new quality-standard to the global email security market, with Cyren playing an important role for it.” Hezi Erez , CEO , PineApp

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH Vendor

Proxmox is a software company dedicated to develop server solutions that ease the work of people and companies. With the two core products – Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG) and Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) – we offer simple, secure and flexible server solutions which evolve dynamically to the needs of our customers. Proxmox Mail Gateway is the solution to protect your company’s email server and minimize your administration time. Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) is the number one choice for running virtualized Linux and Windows systems. It’s easy installation and maintenance increases the use of your existing resources and thus reduces hardware cost and your work time.

Quick Heal Vendor

Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT security solutions and ISO 9001 certified company. The solutions are well integrated systems that simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms. They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments and corporate houses.

SafeNet Vendor

Founded in 1983, SafeNet is a global leader in information security. SafeNet protects its customers’ most valuable assets, including identities, transactions, communications, data and software licensing, throughout the data lifecycle. More than 25,000 customers across both commercial enterprises and government agencies and in over 100 countries trust their information security needs to SafeNet. SafeNet has integrated Cyren Email Security Suite and URL Filtering into its offerings.

“With the constant growth of spam and malware, SafeNet was looking for state-of-the-art protection for our eSafe customers. Our testing revealed the Cyren solutions as the clear choice for SafeNet eSafe and its dual-engine approach for multi-layered email protection.” Tsion Gonen , Safenet

Scalix Vendor

Scalix is the most field-proven Linux-based email, calendaring and messaging software that significantly expands the proven and successful HP OpenMail product on which it is based. Scalix delivers premier enterprise collaboration for standalone and hosting environments, reducing the cost and complexity of messaging and fostering freedom of choice with products based on open standards and open source.

“When we moved Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus protection into production on our own corporate servers, we experienced a ninety-eight percent reduction in spam with no false positives, and my mobile device is no longer crammed full of junk mail.” Andreas Typaldos, CEO,  Xandros (acquired Scalix)

SecureWave   Partner

SecureWave is a distribution company operating based on the Value Added Distribution method, specializing in the field of data security and IT infrastructure. SecureWave was founded with the goal of providing solutions for the marketing channels in Israel, of identifying advanced vendors and technologies throughout the world, and representing them in Israel while tailoring them to the unique demands of the IT market in Israel.

Serenamail Service Provider

Since 1999, Serenamail has been a leader in Spain in providing managed security for enterprise communication systems, including protection from spam, viruses, phishing Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and Denial of Service (DoS). Serenamail is a fully owned subsidiary of Pricewin Networks.

“We selected Cyren technology to fight spam and malware since we wanted to eliminate false positives for our customers. Our customers are pleased by the high level of accuracy demonstrated by the patented Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology. They never have to worry about checking their quarantine folder for mistakenly blocked messages.” Carlos Tico , General Manager , Serenamail

SmarterTools Vendor

Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology-management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona. SmarterTools builds a Windows mail server, customer service software, and a Web log analytics reporting tool that simplify and automate the day-to-day IT operations of businesses and hosting environments in over 100 countries. Additional information about SmarterTools Inc. and the SmarterTools product line is available at the company Web site:

“Cyren is a great fit as a spam protection partner because its technology is complementary to SmarterMail’s existing techniques and the company has worked with us to create a licensing model that will make sense for our hosting and business customers. Although many companies charge more for their anti-spam and anti-virus measures than they do for their mail server software, we are committed to providing the Cyren add-on as an affordable premium spam solution.” Tim Uzzanti , CEO , SmarterTools

Spamina Service Provider

Spamina develops and delivers innovative Cloud E-mail security solutions in public cloud, hybrid and private cloud environments. Spamina’s solutions are designed for all types of businesses and MSPs/ISPs with solutions for Email Firewall, Archiving, Encryption and DLP (Data Lost Prevention) aimed at ensuring that system administrators and users have secure protection, management, and total control of their email.

“After evaluating multiple alternatives, our technical team determined that the Cyren Email Security Suite provides the most significant overall improvement in spam filtering rates and reduction in false positives for our customers. Our agreement with Cyren enables us to deliver a strong, differentiated email security value proposition to the market, benefiting public, hybrid, and private cloud environments.” Ramon Planas , Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing , Spamina

Superb Internet Service Provider

Since 1996, Superb Internet has been consistently recognized as a premier web host by leading trade organizations and publications, such as Find My Host and Web Host Magazine. Earning accolades in all key service areas — including customer support, managed dedicated servers, and reseller services — Superb Internet provides a complete range of managed web hosting solutions.

“Cyren Outbound AntiSpam ensures that our network and infrastructure are protected from the effects of outgoing spam. We consistently strive to enhance our solution and offer our customers the best possible service and protection, and the Cyren solution allows us to cut operating costs, while offering the best experience for our customers.” Haralds Jass , President and CEO , Superb Internet

SUTUS Vendor

SUTUS offers an affordable, enterprise-quality solution that combines all the voice, data and networking features needed to power today’s small business; a “small business-in-a-box” made for companies of three to 25 users per location. SUTUS has integrated Cyren Embedded AntiSpam and URL Filtering into its Business Central™ device.

“After thoroughly investigating potential security solutions, we selected Cyren technology, as we found it provides the highest level of security for our small business solutions, The ability to deploy Cyren Zero-Hour security solution from within the Business Central appliance means that the small business customer gets to take full advantage of yet another big business solution. This is very much in keeping with our commitment to bring simple, affordable and effective solutions to our customers.” Shawn Chute , EVP , SUTUS

SYNNEX   Partner

SYNNEX Corporation, a Fortune 500 corporation, is a leading business process services company, servicing resellers and original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, in multiple regions around the world. The Company’s primary business process services are wholesale distribution and business process outsourcing, or BPO. Founded in 1980, SYNNEX employs over 49,000 full-time and part-time associates in locations around the world, including the United States, India, Philippines, China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

TELMAT Industrie Vendor

Manufacturer of security products for Internet, TELMAT Industrie conceives and markets a range of solutions of information protection for small and medium companies (up to 1000 users). Telmat’s integrated TELMATWEB solutions meet the new requirements in communication and integrate the most effective security solutions.

TT Asia Service Provider

Telecommunications and Technology Asia Ltd. (TTAsia) is a leading online messaging reputation and security services provider. It provides anti-spam and anti-virus functions to enterprises and ISP via its suite of robust managed services.

“We have worked with Cyren for several years blocking inbound spam for Asian customers and are delighted to add Outbound AntiSpam to our solution portfolio. We selected Cyren Outbound AntiSpam because it was the only solution to provide the protection necessary to help Chinese and other Asian ISPs with their outbound spam issues.” Naresh Choithramani , Chief Operating Officer , TTAsia

Untangle Vendor

Untangle provides the world’s first commercial-grade open source solution for blocking spam, spyware, viruses, adware and unwanted content on the network, as an alternative to proprietary appliances. Untangle’s applications are used in thousands of businesses. They incorporate premium email security and anti-malware solutions from Cyren.

“At Untangle, we like to keep things simple for our customers and are continuously seeking best-of-breed technologies to add value to our advanced open source offerings. For this reason, Cyren was a natural choice; our clients will no longer have to worry about updating their anti-spam service and can focus on their core business. Cyren’s proven track record as a strong, stable and high quality technology partner will enable us to deliver top notch and efficient security solutions to our clients.” Dirk Morris , Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder , Untangle

VCW Security   Partner

VCW Security Ltd is one of the UK’s leading distributors of IT security solutions. What makes the company different is that instead of simply replicating existing products at a lower cost, it has successfully pioneered many new and innovative technologies and challenged the market dominance of established vendors. VCW Security provides a wide range of products and services from leading edge, non-competing vendors that help define the market and ensure higher margins for channel partners, all of which are recognised for the delivery of next generation security management solutions. VCW Security is committed to putting the value back into Value Added Distribution and delivers best value by creating and supporting partner opportunities as well as delivering its own sales and marketing and sales initiatives that provide qualified leads for partners.

WatchGuard Vendor

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of award-winning, integrated security solutions. WatchGuard leverages Cyren real-time malware protection as part of their line of extensible threat management (XTM) products to create unparalleled security solutions for the SME.

“WatchGuard uses the ground-breaking Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD) technology in the spamBlocker service to analyze Internet traffic in real time and identify spam outbreaks as they emerge, helping us provide unsurpassed network protection for our customers.” Eric Aarrestad , VP Marketing , WatchGuard  Service Provider Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWWW) provides a full range of Internet services to small businesses to help them compete and succeed online.

WESKOM   Partner

The WESKOM provides its customers technological solutions for networking, cyber security and communications infrastructure through VOIP. The Weskom is active throughout the Italian Territory and provides its services directly and in collaboration with the Network of Enterprise "IMPREITALIA" -

ZyXEL Communications Corp. Vendor

ZyXEL Communications Corp., founded in 1989, is a world-class networking company providing leading Internet products and solutions. As one of the earliest modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has gone through transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions for telcos, small to medium-sized businesses, and digital home users. Telco solutions include central office equipment, customer premises equipment, wired and wireless access network devices, and carrier switches. SMB and enterprise solutions include unified security gateways, LAN switches, WLAN, and IP telephony. Digital home solutions include network connectivity devices and multimedia solutions.