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Move your email security “to the cloud”

Our award-winning spam, phishing and malware detection capabilities - deployed on high available infrastructures, and configurable with an easy to use web interface - helps you to ensure uninterrupted and superior protected email communication for your business.

The infrastructure used for EmailSecurity as a Service is located in certified computing centers in Germany, guaranteeing compliance with stringent German data security regulations.

  • AntiSpam & AntiVirus Protection—the CYREN AntiSpam solution offers filtering and email categorization based on ‘fingerprint’ comparison, allowing differentiation between unwanted spam and legitimate bulk email, such as newsletters.
  • Malware detection technology offers optimum recognition of both zero hour outbreaks and known viruses, worms, and trojans sent via email. New malware is identified as soon as it first appears. In order to achieve the highest possible level of protection, CYREN combines two different components that, together, offer optimum virus protection.
  • Protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks—Email firewall protects customer from high-load attacks by temporarily blocking traffic from suspicious hosts. 
  • Uninterrupted Service—Prevents extreme load peaks that can lead to infrastructure overloads.
  • Encryption—Secures email using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Outbound — Scanning all outgoing emails for spam and malware.
  • Quarantine —Caches affected emails and provides lists of available emails at customizable time intervals.

Additional Features:

  • Reject Mode — Enables advanced email review during SMTP dialog and ability to reject messages categorized as spam before the email server accepts them. This spares your end user the use of a quarantine.
  • Mailtracking—Allow companies to track email transactions and follow-up on ‘lost’ email immediately

Superior Performance. Reduced Costs.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)—No maintenance requirements, no administration, and no updates required
  • Higher cost-efficiency through the elimination of additional hardware resources
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction—Secure, uninterrupted business-related email communication
  • Maximum data protection with our certified infrastructure
  • CYREN answers constantly changing malware threats with proactive detection

Powerful Analytics Deliver Maximum Protection

EmailSecurity as a Service uses a unique spam, phishing and malware filter based on CYREN Bulkcheck technology. It examines email for the key characteristics of spam, phishing and virus outbreaks, i.e. the distribution pattern.  Each email is reduced to a tiny fingerprint that is compared to the fingerprints of other emails stored in the central databases. Identical as well as sufficiently similar email is used as basis of comparison.  This method provides high-quality detection for determining whether the email is part of a bulk mailing. Additional inspection procedures allow for reliable differentiation between undesired (spam, phishing and outbreaks) and desired (e.g. newsletters) bulk emails. In parallel a signature based virus scanner is used.

How it works

Incoming Emails

EmailSecurity as a Service works for customers as an upstream email server. After changing the MX-Records incoming emails are first sent to the CYREN system and checked there before being sent to the recipient, without delay.

All incoming and (optionally) outgoing emails are processed via the CYREN servers, where they are checked for spam and viruses. A web interface gives customers control over individual email categories. Customers can individually configure the settings for how to treat spam and malware.

For example, spam can be rejected (reject mode), tagged and delivered, or quarantined. The web interface also provides customers with comprehensive reporting features that display the latest spam levels, spam development as compared to other categories, or spam as a share of overall email volume.


Outgoing Emails

Outbound (Mail-Relay) is an add-on which provides reliable protection against spam, phishing, viruses, and other malware for outgoing email correspondence. Outbound offers a crucial line of defense against botnets, which hijack corporate computers and using them for spamming. A potential consequence is that corporate networks may be identified as spammers and end up on blacklists, limiting or even stopping their business-related email capability altogether.

Outbound provides detailed information on whether spam or malware is being sent from the company’s network and whether any corporate computers have been infected with botnets.

TLS Encryption

Guarantees secure email communication with select communication partners using SMTP add-on TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt the email transmission route.


As standard, our market-leading spam identification rate, combined with elimination of incorrect flagging of business-related emails as spam (Zero False Positives®), renders the quarantine of filtered emails unnecessary. However, if an organization’s requirements demand a quarantine feature, an add-on can be provided. Affected emails are cached on CYREN EmailSecurity as a Service platform. Users receive a list of available emails and can opt to have them redelivered with a click of the mouse. The quarantine solution also supports automated upload of user accounts, e.g. from LDAP or Active Directory.

Reject Mode

As best practice, CYREN recommends that customers check their emails during the SMTP dialog and reject messages categorized as spam before the email server accepts them. Advantages of this approach are that the responsibility for the email is not transferred to the receiving server and that the sender receives an error notification about unsuccessful delivery. This guarantees that the sender will be notified that their email could not be delivered in the highly unlikely case of a false positive.


Mail tracking provides ultimate transparency when it comes to emails checked with EmailSecurity as a Service. Companies can track each email transaction and follow up on notifications about supposedly lost emails immediately.

Mailtracking control center is a browser-based application that lets administrators run specific email searches. It allows for searches by sender, recipient, email category, CYREN-issued ID, and email treatment (e.g. rejects, delete, tag and deliver). The search period can be customized.

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