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Superior Email Protection from
Spam, Phishing, Viruses and Malware

Rapidly and affordably satisfy customer demand for real-time protection from spam, phishing, and zero-hour virus outbreaks. CYREN EmailSecurity processes data on a massive scale—billions of transactions per day across global data centers—protecting information on any device from any global location. Available in two delivery models—security-as-a-service (SecaaS) or embedded—CYREN EmailSecurity combines critical security components in a seamless, easy end-user experience.

SecaaS EmailSecurity

Take your email security “to the cloud” as our award-winning spam, phishing, and malware detection capabilities ensure uninterrupted email communications.

  • Antispam & Antivirus Protection—CYREN’s spam solution offers filtering and email categorization based on ‘fingerprint’ comparison, allowing differentiation between unwanted spam and legitimate bulk email, such as newsletters. CYREN’s antivirus engine operates with heuristics, emulation, and signatures as a comprehensive single engine, or you can layer CYREN Embedded AntiVirus as a supplemental engine for additional detection advantages.
  • Encryption, Quarantine, Reject Mode, and Mailtracking—Additional features include: Encryption—Secures email using Transport Layer Security (TLS) Simple Mail Transfer Protocal (SMTP); Quarantine—Caches affected emails and provides lists of available emails at customizable time intervals; Reject Mode—Enables advanced email review during SMTP dialog and ability to reject messages categorized as spam before the email server accepts them; and Mailtracking—Allows companies to track email transactions and follow-up on ‘lost’ emails immediately.
  • Uninterrupted Service—Prevents extreme load peaks that can lead to infrastructure overloads.
  • Protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks—Email firewall protects customer from high-load attacks by temporarily blocking traffic from suspicious hosts. 

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Embedded EmailSecurity Suite

The CYREN Email Security Suite offers a complete platform of embedded technologies with zero-hour outbreak detection to keep inboxes safe.

  • Inbound AntiSpam—Protects against phishing and spam messages with a +99% detection rate.
  • Outbound AntiSpam—Blocks against and identifies spam originating from within your infrastructure (i.e. compromised accounts), preventing the time, cost, and potential service disruption associated with being blacklisted.
  • IP Reputation—Stops more than 85% of unwanted inbound email traffic at the perimeter before it ever reaches your internal infrastructure, massively reducing the load on your internal systems and increasing security.
  • AntiVirus for Email—Protects against email-borne malware attacks, with a special emphasis on blocking new and emerging threats.
  • Language and Content Agnostic—Advanced detection capabilities do not rely on language- or content-specific analytics, ensuring global coverage that prevents malicious emails from slipping through undetected.
  • Highly Adaptive to New Spam and Phishing Methods—CYREN analyzes over 12 BILLION transactions daily, producing up-to-the-minute updates on the newest spam and phishing tactics.

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High-power Protection=Customer Satisfaction and Increased Revenue

CYREN EmailSecurity combines maximum protection and cost-efficiency, all backed by 15+ years of proven excellence in both SecaaS and embedded models. Whether you are a service provider, reseller, distributor, or vendor, your company and customers can benefit from CYREN EmailSecurity. Both SecaaS and embedded EmailSecurity benefits include:

  • Easy, Fast Integration—EmailSecurity can be up and running in as little as a few hours.
  • Low False Positive Rate—CYREN’s patented Recurrent Pattern DetectionTM technology uses proven algorithms to reflect live global spam outbreaks to ensure a low false positive rate; we never rely on subjective user feedback which causes known high false positives and frustration for many legitimate email senders and recipients.
  • High-quality Detection—CYREN’s market-leading detection offers >99% spam blocking and guarantees zero false positives, so customers enjoy great protection.
  • Fully Integrated Sales and Engineering—CYREN listens to customer feedback, including requests for unique or added features. Our sales and engineering teams work closely and successfully together to ensure that customers receive the type of solution and support they need.

SecaaS EmailSecurity Benefits

Reduce cost, increase revenue, and ensure your customers are protected on any device in any global location.

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Embedded EmailSecurity Suite Benefits

The CYREN EmailSecurity Suite frees inboxes of spam, viruses, and phishing threats without blocking important business messages.

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Patented and Powerful Analytics Deliver Proven Email Security

CYREN EmailSecurity is powered by the CYREN GlobalView™ Cloud, which collects and analyzes over 12 billion of daily transactions from more than 550 million endpoints in 190 countries, to deliver unmatched insight into, and protection against, emerging security threats. Our patented RPD technology automatically analyzes collected traffic to provide accurate spam and phishing classifications based on a unique global view of outbreaks.


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