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Apply the Best Cyber Intelligence Against Today’s Threats with the CYREN Cyber Intelligence Suite.

The CYREN Cyber Intelligence Suite ensures you deliver the best protection for your users by applying all of the cyber intelligence capabilities that CYREN offers in a single suite, including: Malicious IP Service, Phishing Intelligence, Malware Intelligence Feed and Malware Attack Detection.

The CYREN Cyber Intelligence suite delivers:

  • Unique insight - the CYREN Cyber Intelligence Feeds are powered by our global threat intelligence platform.  CYREN analyzes 17 BILLION transactions every day to build a unique insight into current and emerging security threats
  • Increased customer satisfaction – protection from malicious messages, hosts, and websites with almost no false positives 
  • Partnership - our business is built on empowering partners with detection capabilities backed by a dedicated technical and commercial support model 

With the Cyber Intelligence Suite from CYREN, you get comprehensive protection against today’s threats. Protect your customers with consistent cyber intelligence that you can rely on, from a proven partner.

Comprehensive Cyber Intelligence for Today’s Threat Landscape

The CYREN cloud analyzes over 17 BILLION transactions per day across multiple security domains to deliver an unmatched view of threats as they emerge.  Every day, CYREN detects thousands of new malicious IPs, and zero-hour phishing and malware URLs.

CYREN’s data collection footprint and integrated, automated detection capability operates on a massive scale to deliver actionable security intelligence and indicators of compromise (IoCs), globally, on a near-real-time basis.  Our intelligence platform automatically investigates IPs, domains, hosts and files associated with suspicious behavior and maintains risk scores enabling instantaneous reclassification of entities based on the most recent associated activity. 

The CYREN Cyber Intelligence Suite bundles real-time threat intelligence into a single suite that delivers protection from Malicious IP’s, Phishing Attacks, and Malware outbreaks. This allows you to apply this unique zero hour cyber threat intelligence to protect end users before they are exposed.  

The CYREN Cyber Intelligence suite combines intelligence feeds into a single suite including:

Malicious IP Intelligence Feed

The Malicious IP Service provides information on hosts discovered by CYREN in the last 24 hours that are infected by malware and in active use as ‘zombies’ by botnets.  Malicious IP data includes bad IP addresses, along with the types of malicious activity associated with each address.

Phishing Intelligence Feed

The CYREN Security Lab extracts suspicious URLs from the billions of transactions processed each day. The resulting threat data is processed with unique heuristic rules to isolate phishing threats and detect malicious websites.  By doing this, harmful sites are recognized and flagged in near real time.

Malware Intelligence Feed

Every day, the CYREN Security Lab extracts thousands of new suspicious URLs from the billions of transactions processed.  This raw threat data is then passed through an array of automated analysis tools to specifically identify the new URLs that are being used to host malware.   Once they are identified, these harmful sites are proactively flagged as malicious in near real time and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Malware Attack Detection

CYREN Malware Attack Detection provides a complementary layer to conventional antivirus technology, delivering vital extra protection in the earliest moments of malware attacks and continuing as each new malware variant emerges.

Malware Attack Detection delivers an added layer of protection including:

  • A fully automated real-time solution, with a small footprint and zero human intervention.
  • Support for any version of Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, and others.
  • Very low CPU and memory load.
  • Analysis of hundreds of messages per section per processor for enhanced efficiency.
  • Accelerated sample analysis and the development of IoCs and signatures. 
  • Support from the CYREN Cloud with patented and proven Recurrent Pattern Detection technology which analyzes billions of globally collected emails every day to detect malware outbreaks at the zero-hour.

Now you can get access to  the industry’s best Threat Intelligence in a single, comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Suite.

The CYREN Cyber Intelligence Suite ensures you deliver the best protection for your customers and users, by applying all of the various cyber intelligence capabilities that CYREN can offer.

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